A. Deepening and developing the thinking, research and theorizing


1- Defining the research orientation and fields needed for the Islamic and Iranian model of progress, defining national undertakings, providing individuals and legal entities with coordination and necessary software and hardware in a bid to help them conduct the certain researches.

2- Preparing the grounds for the establishment of think tanks and thinking circles and coordination among them, designing the model inside the country, especially in universities, seminaries and research centers.

3- Investing in young and talented elites of seminaries and universities and making efforts to pave the necessary grounds for training the country’s needed scientific human forces in a bid to design and implement the Islamic and Iranian model of progress.

4- Conducting the necessary planning and coordination for hosting or supporting the meetings, conferences, scientific workshops and expert courses on relevant fields and subjects in national as well as international level.

5- Establishing contact and cooperation with international scientific circles and figures and exchanging views and introducing achievements in a bid to give the model an inspiring role in the world.

6- Identifying, introducing and encouraging top scientific products and talents on the Islamic-Iranian model of progress



B. Discourse making


7- Conducting the necessary planning and coordination and preparing grounds for maximum use of national capacities, the state media in particular, in making discourses and promoting the Islamic-Iranian model of progress.

8- Preparing the grounds and facilitating young generation’s energetic participation in the field of thinking and their eagerness to share their views on ways of progress of an Islamic community and ruling system and making the necessary efforts to deepen their religious, revolutionary, historical, cultural, social and political knowledge.

9- Facilitating discussions and debates about subjects related to the Islamic-Iranian model of progress in scientific centers and in society in a bid to increase people and especially young generation’s motivation, knowledge and participation



D. Designing and compiling the Islamic-Iranian model of progress


10- Defining the methods, techniques and tools for designing the model after conducting consultation with experts and applying the results of relevant researches and studies.

11- Identifying and collecting scientific sources and references and the necessary documents for designing and defining the Islamic-Iranian model of progress.

12- Creating and leading a comprehensive and flexible network for Islamic-Iranian model of progress with massive and effective participation of elites and experts in seminaries and universities for designing the draft model of progress.

13- Designing and defining the draft model of progress based on Islamic values and principles and consistent with requirements and needs in Iran and with special attention to the strong scientific achievements and the invaluable experiences achieved by the Islamic Revolution and the world by applying the existing intellectual capacity and expertise inside the country and submitting the draft model to Supreme Leader.

14- Conducting assessment, pathology and future study of advancement in the country and in selected countries comparatively.