The Secretariat of Seminary Affairs




Center for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress has established the secretariat for seminary affairs in the holy city of Qom in a bid to organize and coordinate its tasks and missions in religious collages and seminaries (Howzeh). The secretariat which operates under th Center focus on two fields:


A- Coordination and planning in a bid to use seminaries’ capacities to meet the need for scientific and research activities inthe formulation of the model.



B- Creating and expanding the debating environment for boosting seminary teachers and researchers’ presence in the model of progress.




The secretariat has started its official activities in the holy city of Qom on September 23, 2013. Hojjatoleslam Dr. Mahdi Rajaei has been appointed as the head of the secretariat. It has a Scientific Council in which Dr.Rajaei is the chairman and Hassanali Hosseini is the secretary.