Department of Coordination and Process Supervision of the Center





Tasks of the Department of Coordination and Process Supervision


The department is tasked with:


1- Preparing the roadmap and the process for designing, defining, approving and supervising the model by collecting consultations from experts and scholars and through using outcomes of the relevant studies and researches


2- Identifying and collecting scientific resources and references as well as the necessary documents and backgrounds for designing and definingthe Islamic-Iranian model of progress, and for the establishment of the Center for Scientific Documents and Data


3- Providing conceptual designing, assisting the establishment of the center, Managing and utilizing the knowledge management system


4- Creating, activating and navigating a comprehensive and flexible network for the Islamic-Iranian model of progress (including think tanks and the other centers of thought)


5- Devising and implementing workbook for think tanks and the mechanism for the participation of elites in devising the model


6- Supervising the activities done by think tanks in preparing and devising the draft document for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress, and leading and guiding these think tanks


7- Collecting and concluding the think tanks’ production and finalizing the document for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress by the help of the workgroup for the devising the document and compiling them in a bid to refer the final document to the office of the center which is in charge of approval of the document


8- Conducting contrastive assessment and pathology and future studies on the progress of the country and the selected countries


9- Establishing and leading the workgroup for devising and compiling the document for the model of the progress


10- Designing, setting up and managing the system for supervising and assessing the country’s progress in joint efforts with think tanks, thinking centers and the relevant organizations and bodies


11- Devising and compiling the periodic reports or case studies for assessing and supervising the progress


12- Establishing, setting up, managing and supervising the general offices and the departments’ subsidiary offices


13- Working and cooperating with other parts of the center in an effort to promote joint works and materialize the center’s missions.


14- Implementing other tasks assigned by the president of the center


15- Devising and presenting the reports of activities to the president of the center