Department of Support and Logistics





Tasks of the department



The department is tasked with: 


1- Planning for proper governing of the center’s affairs in all tasks and responsibilities, including budget, financial, administrative, legal, information technology (IT) and communications, within the framework of the center’s tasks and plans


2- Defining and proposing a detailed organizational structure of the center and its constant improvement


3- Assisting the preparation of necessary grounds for the training of the scientific workforce needed by the country for designing and implementing the Islamic-Iranian model of progress


4- Planning, coordinating and supporting national and international meetings, gatherings, scientific workshops and special courses related to the model


5- Hiring and firing personnel and officials of the department of support


6- Devising annual reports on the performance of the center regarding the tasks assigned for the department


7- Adjusting annual budget and providing assistance in the adjustment of the balance sheet and financial statements of the center


8- Conducting legal studies on the center’s contracts, protocols and agreements


9- Adopting necessary measures to restore the center’s rights through filing complaints, conductinglegal prosecution, and defending the center’s right inside and outside the country in all legal and judicial procedures


10- Studying and gathering information and conducting necessary review and preparing and devising the regulations neededto remove deficiencies and loopholes in the laws, and preparing a draft bill or reforms of the needed laws


11- Preparing and proposing regulations for financial, contracts and recruitment affairs of the center and conducting necessary reforms in a timely manner


12- Preparing and devising regulations for administrative, financial, personnel, welfare and logistic affairs within the framework of laws and regulations.


13- Preparing and setting executive regulations in relation with annual budget amendments


14- Preparing the proper software and hardware for establishing relations and cooperation with national, international scientific figures and societies in a bid to exchange views and represent achievements made in the field of model to the world as a source of inspiration


15- Creating and maintaining proper website for communication and maximum use of the national capacities for inspiring debates and promoting the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress


16- Providing assistance for the creation of proper conditions for youths’ energetic and massive presence in the field of thinking and studying and expression of opinion in a bid to aid the Islamic society and system’s progress and further deepening of their religious, revolutionary, historical, cultural and social knowledge


17- Providing easy access to scientific data centers, electronic scientific magazines, scientific books, electronic scientific references and scientific websites.


18- Supervising the implementation of national and international standards in the website and in the software and hardware infrastructures