Department of Science and National Division of Labor





The important and honorable task assigned by the wise Leader of the Islamic Revolution to Center for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress, have made necessary the task of defining a light, quick, dynamic and smart structure. To that end, the high council of the center allocated some expert sessions to discuss the organizational structure of the center. Finally, three departments have been defined and asked to work together to accomplish the assigned undertakings envisioned in the statute.

The department of science and national division of labor is a center responsible for activating the huge capacities of the country’s scientists and elites, and guiding and leading this invaluable intellectual asset towards subjects which are related to the Islamic-Iranian model of progress. Since the nature of the position and value of the Islamic-Iranian model of progress is beyond a formal administrative structure, accordingly this department organizes its affairs based on this feature and tries to avoid involving in fields with purely executive nature.

The most important tasks of the department of science and national division of labor include:

1- Identifying and activating the existing scientific capacities of the country (both governmental and non-governmental) and leading them towards the objectives of the Model

2- Organizing and coordinating scientific activities across the country which are related to the model in a bid to create synergy at work and avoid conducting isolated efforts

3- Planning in line with expanding and deepening the theorizing (production of science) in relation with the model and by relying on the Islamic principles and human knowledge

4- Preparing the inspiring and cultural initiatives in a bid to turn the subject of ‘The Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress’ into ‘a public demand’ and into a shared vision among the society of elites

5- Assisting these think tanks in their effort to define the country’s basic needs and identify the necessary subjects and issues for research and facilitate the transfer of research findings and achievements to these think tanks

6- Monitoring and looking for new international scientific achievements related to the model and leading them towards think tanks

7- Preparing the grounds for the international cooperation and recruiting scientists of the Islamic world, especially in the fields these think tanks need

8- Concerted effort for creating necessary grounds for teaching the country’s needed scientific forces for defining and implementing the models by relying on young elites

9- Establishing and updating a comprehensive Data Center about all members of the scientific boards, researchers, theorists and activists in universities and religious seminaries who are active in fields related to the model and collect their consultation and cooperation

10- Devising a system for judging, assessing and indexing scientific activities related to the model