Office of the President







Center for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress, which has been established under the wise guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a bid to achieve the high goal of drawing the path for the Islamic Republic’s proper move towards Islamic-Iranian style of progress, enjoys a supreme council, two offices, three departments and a number of think tanks. Among them, the General Office of the President, as one of the administrational bodies of the center and a supervisory and executive sector, tries to pave the proper grounds for the materialization of the policies defined by the president of the center. Materialization of the assignments and desirable development of the office’s activities requires measures which can also act as tools to implement policies.



Tasks of the General Office of the President


Tasks of the general office of the president covers two permanent and organizational responsibilities and assignments. The organizational assignments cover those affaires that have not been carried out or completed in the center. These affairs include:




• Reforming and completing the center’s website proportionate to the center’s significance and importance

• Preparing proper criteria and indexes for studying and assessing the performance of offices and think tanks


Permanent assignments cover those affairs which should be controlled regularly and constantly. These affairs include:


• Supervising those systems which are resulted from the organizational assignments


• Preparing the professional outlines and timelines for materializing the tasks assigned for the center and units, and writing regular reports for the president of the center


• Preparing and offering expert viewpoints about the issues which have been offered or demanded by the president of the center through utilizing views of professional figures, individuals and experts


• Communicating orders and regulations and receiving the letters based on the authority and the approved patterns


• Gathering periodic or single reports about the performance of units, and concluding and preparing a report on the performance of the center in a specific timetable throughout the year


• Receiving and archiving resumes and professional documents of the managers of the center and reflecting the documents on awards, warnings, advices which have been given to units


• Planning and conducting preparatory measures for visits, meetings, working trips and internal or external meetings by the president of the center


• Preparing backgrounds and scientific and administrational reports needed for the meetings, visits and trips of the president of the center


• Recording and registering the negotiations made by high-ranking officials of the center during visits and meetings


• Handling the internal and external communications under the name of the president of the center and pursuing the written or verbal communications


• Preparing the administrational mechanism and conducting the necessary training and supervision


• Handling and responding to visitors, phone calls, internet or electronic messages for the president of the center